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Riding the Klondike Mines Railway at Dawson City, Yukon
Riding Brian Pate's superb model railway, on the pilot of the locomotive from Dawson City to Gold Run, and then back to Dawson in the caboose (26:55).

Alaska-Yukon Railroad History
Dozens of railroads have laid track in Alaska, the Yukon, and northwest British Columbia (1:29:29).

Alaska: White Pass & Yukon Route
This is the final rough draft of the first installment of the upcoming series ALASKA, produced for BTV-6 Binghamton University Television in 2013-2014 (44:30).

White Pass & Yukon Route railway, Skagway to Fraser
John Williams does a particularly good job of explaining the railway's history during this excursion from Skagway to Fraser and back (10:01).

White Pass & Yukon Route railway, Summit section
This is the most dramatic section of the line, between Fraser, BC and Skagway, Alaska. Shot on May 18, 2014 (16:56).

White Pass & Yukon Route, Railroad Dock
On May 2, 2014, the first WP&YR tourist train of the season meets the first cruise ship of the season, the Carnival Miracle (1:31).

White Pass & Yukon Route railway - Locomotive #95
This GE ALCO 251A locomotive, built in March 1963, returned to Skagway on a barge in 2013 after a rebuild (7:46).

White Pass & Yukon Route, Rotary Snow Plow
The rotary snow plow, pushed by two steam locomotives, deals with the snow at Fraser, British Columbia, on April 27, 2011 (1:54).

White Pass & Yukon Route, Rotary Snow Plow
The rotary snow plow, pushed by two steam locomotives, deals with the snow at at Ptarmigan Point, just north of Fraser, British Columbia, on April 27, 2011 (0:40).

Underground railway tour at BC's Britannia Mine Museum
A look at the start of the underground tour at this historic copper mine just north of Vancouver (3:22).

Railroaders: Canadian Pacific in the Rocky Mountains, 1958
This documentary, directed by Guy L. Coté for the National Film Board of Canada, provides a remarkable look at the details of operating the CPR through the Rocky Mountains in the winter (22:40).

Across Canada by Train
Extreme Railway Journeys: Transcontinental Rail Canada, narrated by Chris Tarrant and directed by Neil Ferguson (43:23).

Canadian National and Canadian Pacific at Black Canyon
Black Canyon is a tight canyon on the Thompson River about 10 km west of Ashcroft, BC, that the CN and CP both pass through (12:52).

The Lethbridge High Level Bridge
The High Level Bridge at Lethbridge, Alberta, the largest of its type in the world, from the cab of a CP Rail locomotive (3:29).

The Lethbridge High Level Bridge
Canadian Pacific steam locomotive 2816 crosses Canada's largest railway structure, the Lethbridge Viaduct or High Level Bridge, in Lethbridge, Alberta (6:45).

The Road Taken
This 1996 documentary film presents the experiences of Black sleeping-car porters who worked on Canada's railways from the early 1900s through the 1960s (52:02).

Rotary Snow Plow
This video does an excellent job of describing how Union Pacific's rotary snow plow operates in California's Sierra Nevada mountains (5:53).

Trans-Siberian Railway by Private Train
The TSR is the longest railway line in the world, and director Michael Altenhenne has captured the journey through Russia, Mongolia, and China (35:22).

The Trans-Siberian Railway
This BBC documentary (44:15).

History of American Rail Transport

Steam Locomotives in Czechoslovakia, 2009-2014