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The Arctic Gold & Silver Mine Spur
White Pass & Yukon Route Railway, Mile 67.3
Carcross, Yukon

    The photos below show the former access road to the WP&YR railroad spur for the Arctic Gold & Silver Mine, at Carcross, Yukon, and the spur location in October 2000. The Arctic mine was located some 5,000 feet in elevation above, and 8 miles by road from the spur. Working property on Montana Mountain that had been initialled worked in 1905, it only shipped ore in 1969 and 1970. The trees to the left of the access road were cleared as a fire-break in the summer of 2000.

    Below, the spur was located on the opposite side of the tracks shown here, and ran off to the south (right) about another 150 feet. It was noted in the 1970 Timetable as having a capacity of 9 cars. The cabin belongs to RailsNorth.com owner Murray Lundberg, whose property now includes the lower 200 feet or so of the former access road, which is blocked by the fence seen at the bottom. The access road sees occasional recreational use, but serves primarily as Lundberg's driveway and is maintained solely by him.
Update: Lundberg sold the property in May 2013 and the cabin was demolished a few weeks later.